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I rarely go in looking for a specific book, as this is the charm of used bookstores, and always come out with some beautiful edition of a fairly hard-to-find book.

Morgane R., Brooklyn, NY

This place attracted me like no other. I love used bookstores. Once I enter, it usually takes me a few hours before I venture out. LOL. Its like a big black hole and I can’t get out!! But willingly so.

Vivian H., New York, NY

A¬†used book store to rival the best… a gem of a store… walking in feels like entering a cozy reading cave, where every shelf contains something never before seen. P.S. is not to be missed in any foray down under the bridges.

Brooklyn Magazine 9/29/2014

…I never made the party but stayed in P.S. for 1.5 hours looking through some great photography technique and coffee table books. Every time I go back there’s another great book to buy

Curtis J., Brooklyn, NY